a new office, architecture of Charles Haertling

after a few hectic weeks, we have finally moved into our new offices at 2401 North Broadway in Boulder.

The former Boulder Eye Clinic, designed by Boulder’s Charles Haertling, now houses arts professional offices and is an excellent example of organic architecture for a commercial client.  The four prominent east-facing windows now look out on Broadway, but when the project was first constructed, they were long tapers housing not windows, but the eye charts at a fixed distance from the interior of the room.  Designed in 1968 the building has gone through a number of changes, most sympathetic, and a large addition on the lower level on the east side (also designed by Haertling).

Haertling’s original plan was based on the shape of the eye with the entry naturally at the cornea and suites of offices and exam rooms along each side.  Our offices are in the northeast corner, more or less the optic nerve.

For more info on Charles Haertling and his work:


Please feel free to give me a call and take a look at this unique, amazing building.

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