the new year


even with the dire news daily filling the airwaves and dampening our enthusiasm,

it is hard not to be optimistic at the turn of a new year.  Or maybe it’s just a sunny 60 degrees in Boulder today.

One of a series of Chicago bridge paintings done over 4 or 5 years.

I have lived in a few different cities and each place has seemed to call for a different medium of work.

In Lexington, KY it was mostly photography.  Boston was sketching, with dozens of sketchbooks filled with daily lunch drawings, etc.

In Chicago, painting held sway.  Now in Boulder, CO, photography has again dominated my interests. It is certainly the light of each city that is different, but also the job I was working at the time that allowed for different types of works.

Not by way of comparison, but it is no surprise that the Venetian painter’s work was characterized by shifting relationships of colors, not clearly defined forms, as the city’s mists and land/water ambiguity never leaves one’s perception of the place.  The hard, sharp light of New Mexico lead to Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings, California’s sun and ocean to Richard Diebenkorn’s abstractions.

It’s the start of a new year, maybe I’ll load some more film in the camera.

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