I recently received a Holga camera and the images it produces are really interesting.   A Russian-designed, Chinese-made, plastic-lens, toy camera, it shoots 6×6 cm medium format film and really has a mind of its own.  Not a mind like your digital camera – a computer that makes corrections, alteration and suggestions – but rather its own strange inconsistencies that make for hit-or-miss photos, sometimes of remarkable results.


As you can see, it vignettes the edges, focus is guess work and exposure is a bit shaky.  The focus consists of turning the lens to one of four approximate distance settings, the aperture I think is about f11, the shutter speed about 1/50th.  All that said, it’s nice to take photos where the fragility of film is ever present, the images not guaranteed, and a 2-3 day wait for the film to process.  The processed film is in beautiful, large rolls and the results seem more like a loose collaboration between me and the camera.


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