Phipps Tennis Pavilion, Denver

A number of weeks ago Open Doors Denver hosted an event allowing access to a number of buildings throughout Denver.  In addition to the Clock Tower ( the Phipps Tennis Pavilion at the Phipps Mansion.

tennis pavilion 02

In addition to the large, enclosed tennis court, there are changing rooms and a lounge including an old fashioned soda fountain.

At 8,000 square feet, the building is dominated by its glass roof held between the gothic arch beams.

tennis roof 01

Often overlooked, the Entry is a brick-paved long gallery that looks down on the enclosed court and is approached across a beautiful courtyard.

Overall the building, like the mansion, is a strange melange of building styles and materials, much of it brought over from Europe during the construction in the early 1930’s.

tennis pavilion 01

certainly one of the most interesting spaces in Denver and well worth a visit.


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