wood species

Wood species 3

A selection of wood samples of different species readily available for use as trim, cabinetry, etc.

Remarkable in their variety, these samples are only a relatively small selection of all the material we so commonly aggregate under the term ‘wood’.  In fact these are only a selection of different species, not all the available cuts (plain sawn, quarter sawn, rotary cut, etc) that each of these individual species may be rendered.  They all have their own character, each distinguished by not just by their visual appearance, but also by their weight, density, feel, smell  and workability.  Some of these are endangered hardwoods, many are from questionable sources.  Some, like walnut, were previously more scarce and now significantly more common.

In residential construction in North America, wood is still the base assumption for most structural framing materials.  Used as either simple lumber or in engineered products, wood is the material datum of most houses, in the past and near future.  Its ability to be easily modified and joined on site allows for the imperfect world of construction to proceed as the art of making rather than the application of a manufactured product.


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