IIT Design Center, grad school project

I was recently doing some archive clean-up and ran into some images of a project I did at grad school.

The proposal was for a new Design Center at IIT on the campus in Chicago.   In the course of the project, I worked largely in model, with the overall design being a very long, narrow building surrounding the ‘L’ tracks as they approach South 35th.   The large model was built in a series of segments:




It seems I don’t have a photo of all the pieces linked together, only an earlier schematic model:


This all seemed like a slightly wacky idea in 1993 – surrounding the train and making building along it.

In the Fall of 2003, Rem Koolhaas’ new IIT Campus Center was completed, a 530 foot long complex surrounding the elevated tracks in the center of the campus.



Not that my work was that good, and a very different aesthetic, but a similar response to the same problem – how to take a massive dividing element and use it to create a unifying element – utilize the most difficult and problematic proposition of a project as the focus of a solution.


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