Enough already …

We have been convinced to allow this forum to be a bit more opinionated.   Our convictions come through more in the buildings we design than in the posts we write.  However, before we begin a compendium of praiseworthy work, we thought we could start with something a bit easier – a list of the things that have really gotten under our skin over the past year.  Our version of the year-end list, we are going to put together a brief  “worst of” list of the most tiresome architectural trends of the last year.

So, we are asking our few readers to send us their suggestions of the most annoying, repetitive, redundant and just-plain-stupid design and architecture excesses of the last year or so.  If you have gotten really sick of opening yet another blog or website or magazine and seeing yet another ‘urban forest/city mountain/prairie-returns-to-Main-Street” image or more “amazing new tower planned for Dubai” articles, drop us a comment or email and we will begin to compile our modest, and freshly opinionated, past due list.


One thought on “Enough already …

  1. I would have to say that the Trump SOHO Hotel Condominium wins the prize for the worst building in New York for 2009.It is a 46 story black glass tower in a context of 5-10 story brownstones and historic buildings in SOHO. Trump manipulated a loophole in the zoning laws to ram this dagger into the heart of this historic district. It was also cited for numerous construction violations during construction, and was responsible for the fatalities of two construction workers.

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