m. gerwing architect's anniversary

April Fool’s Day is not-coincidentally, the anniversary of M. Gerwing Architects.  I am very happy to say that although I waited many years to start my own office and I choose probably the worse time in the last 75 years or so to do so, we are still operating, if not thriving.  The national economy went into a steep decline in June 2007, a mere three months after our launch.  That has meant that we have been in a recession for at least 28 of the 36 months of existence and that’s if you take the “official” start at Dec. 07, not earlier as many folks do.

All of this is pretty sobering but worth reflecting on because we are still busy, albeit with more and smaller projects.

I would like to thank my wife Kate and my girls Elli and Ems for putting up with an often quite stressed husband and dad and my architect friends who have given so much good advice and support – Kate Iverson, Jim Walker, Nick Fiore, Wayne Northcut, Stacey Root, Meredith and John Bacus.

And of course and maybe most critically, my clients who have put their faith in us:  Summer and Robert, Liz and Eric, Andrea and Dan, Mark and Magda, Stan and Susan, Rita, Wendy and Dan, Karen and Dan, Rhonda and Doug, Scott and Calvin, Eva and Tony, Caroline and Drew, Wicker Park and Bucktown SSA, Mollie and Evan, Annika and Will, Marilyn and Marvin, Alec, Mara and Peter and Robin and Steve.

I am so grateful to be going to work everyday and doing what I love, the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do.

Thanks y’all.

(Also just found out I was appointed to the City of Boulder’s Landmark Preservation Board – a good omen.)

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