upcoming – year end round up of architectural trends we love to hate

It is the odious time of year again when the spewing of year-end lists clogs the internets.  So by all means, let me jump in with your help.

If you have any particularly gruesome trends that you would like to skewer or slander, send them my way and I will try to distill these down to only the most dreadful.  Individual buildings are always welcome, but what we are really looking for is trends, architectural fads, that have dominated the trade journals and publications, sucked the wind away from good, genuine work and will hopefully fade away as fast as Dubai towers projects.

Some candidates for inclusion on this year’s list include:

ANNOYING NAMES FOR ARCHITECTURE FIRMS (think “SHoP” and other typographic horrors)

THE EXTREMELY SMALL (the proliferation of “pavilions” as architectural harbingers)

THE EXTREMELY LARGE (a frightening increase in the number and size of really large Google-sized  mega-structures)

CONSOLIDATION (at the business end of architecture, the buying up and concentration of offices into larger and larger entities)

Send in your suggestions and our large and dedicated staff (I have actually lost weight this year so we are not so large as last), will compile them and try to present them back in a couple of weeks as the definitive list of the trends of 2010 we loved to hate.



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