This is a photo of four new corner windows we designed for a small South Boulder renovation.  The existing small house was very dark and did not take advantage of very nice, diagonal views to the west and east.  Our scheme placed windows on the corners of the main rooms of the house and both captured these views and created long sight lines across the house, making it feel larger and more spacious without adding any building area.

The existing kitchen was completely renovated and new opened up to the dining area.  New east and north kitchen windows extended the space of the house out on to the existing deck.

The existing house had a 4 foot high drop from the dining/kitchen area down to the living room.  To increase the use and connection between these rooms, a new stair was designed to flow down into the living room instead of dividing the house by exiting to the entry.

The new trim details emphasized crispness and simplicity and replaced the existing 1970’s heavy timber trim creating a more taut overall design and minimalist interior.


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