Saima, engineered wood flooring, birch

Saimi engineered wood flooring, vertically lamined birch

laid in basketweave pattern, each plank is approx. 6′ long by 1′ wide

the birch is all the same color and tone and takes on different reflection by the angle of view

very nice when used as a fairly large field in some kind of pattern

pre-finished, sanding and staining not recommended as the glue between the vertical laminations does not take stain well

as used on a condo renovation in Boulder, Colorado designed by Mark Gerwing

wood, birch

Birch, unfinished

birch, unfinished


clear light birch panels and cabinetry

scientific name: many species, genus Betula – Red Birch, Yellow Birch, Black Birch, Silver Birch, White Birch, Baltic Birch, Sweet Birch

uses: in building primarily as veneers for plywood, see Baltic Birch

source:  many locations throughout the Northern Hemisphere, primarily Scandinavia, Canada, Russia, China

ecological status: common, fast-growing

qualities:  most often used as veneers, makes very lightweight, strong plywood.  Often used for paper-making, keyboard mallets, drums, guitar bodies, speaker cabinets and making birch beer.


clear light birch cabinetry and panels, beam trim is unselected birch (not clear light)