red birch

wood, red birch, cabinetry

red birch veneer, rotary cut

scientific name:

uses: as veneers, primarily doors and cabinetry

source: northern hemisphere

ecological status: common

qualities:  moderate hardness, usually rotary cut (not laid in flitches), reddish yellow, color varies from dark red to whitish red-yellow

wood, cedar, aromatic

Cedar, aromatic, unfinished

cedar, aromatic, unfinished

scientific name: Juniperus virginiana, also known as eastern red cedar

uses:  board material used as panel and trim for closets, drawers

source: southern Appalachian mountains

ecological status:

qualities:  moths will not reproduce around the aroma of aromatic cedar, protecting clothes, especially wool.  Widely varied in color and grain, mid-weight wood.  Heavy oil content.

wood, birch

Birch, unfinished

birch, unfinished


clear light birch panels and cabinetry

scientific name: many species, genus Betula – Red Birch, Yellow Birch, Black Birch, Silver Birch, White Birch, Baltic Birch, Sweet Birch

uses: in building primarily as veneers for plywood, see Baltic Birch

source:  many locations throughout the Northern Hemisphere, primarily Scandinavia, Canada, Russia, China

ecological status: common, fast-growing

qualities:  most often used as veneers, makes very lightweight, strong plywood.  Often used for paper-making, keyboard mallets, drums, guitar bodies, speaker cabinets and making birch beer.


clear light birch cabinetry and panels, beam trim is unselected birch (not clear light)