Sunshine Canyon house, architecture and interior design, Boulder, progress


We are in the final stretch of construction on the house up Sunshine Canyon outside of Boulder, Colorado.  I was the Project Architect and lead designer for this project when it started at the office of Arcadea, and the project migrated with me as I started my own office, M. Gerwing Architects.  Because of the extensive amount of excavation, the project has taken a long time to build and I have now worked on it longer as M. Gerwing Architects than I did at Arcadea.

The photo above is from the North Patio looking south along the terrace that runs along the east face of the Living and Dining Room.  The terrace is 2′ square buff sandstone pavers, the wall stone is Oklahoma Brown veneer stone.  You can see that the wood panels have not yet been installed along the window wall – that should happen this week.

The plan below shows the enclosed area of the Main Level shaded.  Located on a steeply sloping site, we opted to make terraces at both the north and south ends of the house to make usable outdoor space that does not sit above the landscape, but rather can alongside it, with the ground level immediately adjacent.


The heavy, dark walls in the plan are the large, surrounding stone walls, within which the house enclosure dances along, sometimes aligning with those walls, sometimes creating a new line of window/doors that look at the view through the piers of stone.


This is a photo of the Master Bath, still very much in construction.  The same sense of nested enclosures that are at play in the overall plan of the house are here in microcosm.  The overall bathroom has a number of layered spaces, all finished in travertine tile of differing scales, a more refined version of the exterior stone.

As the final finishes are being completed, the eclectic mix of old and new, modern and traditional, is finally becoming more apparent.  The interior carpentry and cabinetry is being installed and lighting will soon follow.  My thanks goes out to the Owners, who with their infinite patience, have made the process enjoyable and the final product something we can all be very proud of.

Sunshine Canyon house – designed by Mark Gerwing while Principal at Arcadea, construction coordination by Mark Gerwing, M. Gerwing Architects.

Design Team – Arcadea: Mark Gerwing, David Biek, Brian Nelson, Stacey Root

Landscape Architect – Hidelly Kane, Peaceful Valley Studios

Contractor – Cottonwood Custom Builders: Jeff Hindman, Owner; Scott Reardon, Project Supervisor