geometry and land patterns, part 2

In part of an ongoing series, another look at fascinating land patterns created by the intersections of typography, irrigation, hydrology, agriculture and culture.

patterns of planting and fields, the circular geometry determined by meandering rivers, in Louisiana

Above, the small fields and pastures of Ireland, cut into an odd amalgam of shapes and geometries, more defined by pastoral farming than mechanized field work.

Above, the beautiful image of the mouth of the Mississippi River as it enters the Gulf of Mexico, a stunning kind of squirrel-like hand grasping at the blue sea.  As related to the images of agriculture shown above –  the dead zone created in the Gulf as a result of oxygen-depleting agricultural fertilizers draining down the Mississippi, makes for a strikingly clear blue sea.

Ireland, 1996


My wife Kate and I, married in 1996, honeymooned in Ireland. October in Ireland was damp and windy, but beautiful. The hillsides were orange and dark green, the fields an intensity of deep, vital green I don’t think I have seen before or since.

Photo by Mark Gerwing, 1996.