Loveland house, architecture, Front Range

This is an image of on-going process on a really interesting project, a departure from large, mountain houses.  This is a small, simple house centered around a beautiful existing ash tree on a property south of Loveland, Colorado.  Using the tree as the organizing center, the house arrays itself around a courtyard, using the tree as the barometer of the seasons, providing shade in the summer, revealing mountain views in the winter.

Loveland, Colorado house; architecture on the plains

A new project we are working on is a single family house located on a beautiful, west-facing site south of Loveland, Colorado.  The site slopes down from east to west and has a spectacular view of Longs Peak and the Continental Divide.  This photo is of an initial physical model of the design depicting the basic massing of the proposed house arrayed around a large existing ash tree.  Providing summer shade, the tree serves as a functional sunshade as well as creating the focus of an outdoor room, with its canopy creating a leafy ceiling of filtered light.