As I was working on a couple of different posts I have been very distracted with my youngest’s endeavors with drawing monsters.

I know that every parent thinks their kid’s drawings are amazing and the best ever, but, all prejudice aside, I must say these are some really excellent monsters:

First, the dreaded cat monster.  Carefully note the cat monster has itself as a logo on its cat monster costume.

Next, the super-girl monster.  I’m not really sure if this is a monster at all, but super-girl in our house has many powers, some wielded without discretion or mercy.  You will see that the cape is quite dynamic and of course the utility belt is present.

I don’t really know the name of the next monster, but let’s call him birthday-cake monster.  He may seem festive at first blush, but do not be fooled.

And finally, the most feared monster of all, Emi herself.  I think she drew this because in our discussions on monster she remembered that I call her a little monster quite frequently.  So, there she is, Emi-monster (not sure about the ear rings, but the expression is dead on).  You will see in all these depictions that the monsters are not really so scary as they are mischievous and unpredictable.  All art is reflective.