as seen in rural Boulder County


landscape portraits, as seen through an abandoned shed


maybe a ‘found’ Cornell box


sentinels, like good dogs, waiting for their owner to return

Photos by Mark Gerwing




a series of photos

a space one inhabits, a liminal space between, and an imaginary space beyond the next window, into …


a couple of these photos hang in my office, across from my desk.  It’s nice to know your neighbors are watching, maybe, from behind the shutters.


these are all from varies places I have lived or stayed in Italy

a studio in Venice

a house in Tuscany

an apartment near Siena

photos by Mark Gerwing, 1988, 2006

Santa Fe windows



These are some photos of windows in stucco and adobe walls in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The thickness of the walls, their massiveness, lends intensity to the openings. They really feel like they have been punched into the wall. The multiple panes heightens that tectonic. The color is almost like a bit of dramatic comic-relief – just enough saturated color to clearly indicate that these are man-made objects siting in a earthen wall, almost lighthearted, nearing whimsy, like scarecrows in a field.

Photos by Mark Gerwing, 2006.