Over the last few years I have designed two renovations of what might appear to be identical units within a 1970s condo project.  The existing conditions, as far as the plans and sections are concerned, were almost exactly the same, however, the client, their uses and the views from the units were quite different.

On the left, a solution for a young couple who both work at home, using the new stair location to order and mediate the notions of live and work.  On the right, a proposal for a retired couple, using the stair to negotiate issues of public and private, allowing for intimate spaces and large family gatherings.

Both schemes relocated the stair into a central position below existing skylights to bring light into the center of the house.  However, on the left the emphasis was on openess and visibility, using clear and semi-transparent resin panels to highlight the communication across the stair, from live to work.  On the right, a series of sliding louver panels modulates the light from the stair emphasizing the passage up and down the stair, from private to public realms of the house.

Left, designed while Principal at Arcadea, Inc. with Amy Kirtland

Right, designed as Owner/Principal of M. Gerwing Architects

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