This project was a main level renovation and second story addition on a fairly typical south Boulder ranch house.  A new master suite on the new upper level was located on the west side of the existing house, opposite the location of the existing bedrooms.  In between a new kitchen, dining room and entry were designed as a continuous open space for the family to gather.

The existing kitchen was demolished and relocated along with the main exterior entry to the house.  This allows the space to flow down from the open master suite past the stair and entry circulation to the dining room and kitchen.

existing kitchen photos

The new kitchen is located in a former bedroom with a window looking out to the street.


One thought on “Vassar Drive renovation and addition, Boulder, Colorado

  1. I really enjoy the straight lines throughout the stair railings. Simple and certainly adds the the open feel of the home. The frameless kitchen cabinetry employs simplistic lines with no crafty moldings allowed in the way. Very livable.

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